Masoud Aghdasifam

Masoud Aghdasifam

PhD in Computer Science


masoud.aghdasifam [at] gmail

Masoud Aghdasifam

PhD in Computer Science | Data Science | Programming Tutor

About Me

I am a math and problem-solving lover who is crazy about algorithmic challenges. Programming for me is a tool to test or present a solution for real-world problems. I have cooperated in several small-size or medium-size software development projects until now which most of them are research-based and not commercial products. In recent years, my studies are focused on data science and would like to use my programming experiences and math knowledge in this field.

  • since 2020
    Data Analyst at
  • since 2018
    Programming and Data Science Tutor
  • since 2015
    Lecturer at University of Tabriz
  • since 2013
    Leader & Coach of ICPC teams